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Nicole enthused three audiences in The Dalles for North Wasco County School District. For each of the elementary audiences, she brought a passion for her visual and literary arts and captivated the kids with exploits from Ralph's rich life. Additionally she was personable with each child, gave an entertaining radio interview, and wowed parents and community members during her autograph party at the local booksellers. Her verve throughout her author visit has definitely been a great boost for our district's library program.

Jim Tindall, district librarian North Wasco County


All Saints' lower school students so enjoyed their recent visit with multi-talented author and illustrator Nicole Rubel.  Her ability to engage the students from PreK through grade 4 with humor and her incredible artistic talents was a joy to behold for everyone, young and old.  In addition, her power point presentation was very entertaining and kept their interest, especially when she introduced her dog, Fang, in his clever seasonal garb.  From an academic and artistic point of view, her use of art of the Masters as part of her presentation was a creative and effective way to introduce Art History to young minds.  And, of course, when she showed Rotten Ralph in the various styles of these famous master artists, the audience was howling with laughter!  A very creative, rewarding, and colorful day with Nicole Rubel!

Pam Nilsson All Saint's School, Phoenix Arizona


I think Nicole Rubel is a phenomenal speaker.  She's engaging and promotes active participation from her audience by asking questions and inviting children to share for their own life/ school experiences.  She share's not only her work as an artist/ illustrator, but as an equestrian, wife and writer.  Her presentations are geared toward all types of audiences.  She shows photos, shares books on tape and draws before viewers very own eyes!  I'd definitely have her visit again and again and again!  Thanks Nicole! I now own all of your books (both illustrated and written) and they are all checked out of our classroom library, so it looks like I'm not the only avid fan.

Sincerely, Cristin Jensen (Sherwood Charter School, 2nd grade teacher, Oregon


Our teachers and students LOVED Nicole's visit.  Everyone was excited.  She does a great presentation!  It all went off so well.  Nicole was chuckling after the 3rd grade presentation.  She said she had never seen kids so excited trying to tell her the names of the pieces and the artists.  They laughed so at her Ralph renditions.  Great fun.  A parent said she loves these author's visits because they inspire some of our kids to be authors and illustrators.  I added that it inspires all our kids to be lovers of literature, story, illustrative arts, and reading!

Gail Caretto, Retired Librarian, Madison Rose Lane Elementary,  Phoenix, AZ


Ocotillo Elementary School was buzzing with excitement when author/illustrator Nicole Rubel visited to work with students.  Her multimedia presentation kept the students’ full attention. Nicole’s message of PRACTICE to get better at what you want to do & reading for enjoyment came through loud & clear.  What a pleasure to have her inspire our students. That mischievous cat, Rotten Ralph, was drawn in what seemed like seconds & now adorns the library walls.

Cathy Bonnell, Teacher/Librarian, Ocotillo Elementary School, Phoenix, AZ


The presentation contained a lot of positive energy. Nicole pulled the students into her world of creativity as an author and illustrator.

She inspired our students to persevere when obstacles in life present themselves just as she has over the years.  The students couldn't wait for me to go out and buy lots of Rotten Ralph books. Shannon Peterka, Sherwood Charter School, Oregon, First Grade teacher, March 2010


"We’ve had lots of viewers!  All the books on display were gobbled up.  A real winner for us!  We thought this was a great idea and appreciate so much the opportunity to have the exhibit here."

Nancy Young , Marion County Public Library System Ocala, FL


Nicole gives a fun and creative presentation. She is easy to work with and flexible. Nicole connected to students with stories from her own life, and they loved her slide show. The students also especially enjoyed the artwork she created on-the-spot using their ideas! Long live Rotten Ralph! Rachel Schatz, Media Specialist Scholls Heights Elementary


We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Nicole Rubel.  Her presentation was fun, engaging, and purposeful.  Nicole is energetic, great with kids, and so easy to work with.  She also has tons of wonderful books to her credit, a very cool website, and the zany Rotten Ralph TV series.  Our students had a great time just learning about her life and her books before she arrived.  On the day of the visit, the they were so excited, I felt almost like I was hosting a movie star.  What an amazing experience!

Brook Young   Media Tech   Templeton Elementary School


Nicole's visit was very engaging!  In addition to providing an entertaining experience, Nicole connected her own struggles with writing to student experience.  She provided ideas for generating ideas, highlighted the writing process and portrayed writing as enjoyable.  Several weeks later students were still connecting their own writing to her presentation.

Beth Shelby, Principal, Stephenson Elementary School