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Presented in Person by Nicole Rubel: Art History Favorites with Rotten Ralph


Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.  Pablo Picasso


I have a lot of fun with this program. The humor and audience participation aspects make it a real crowd pleaser.

Using a Power Point slide presentation, I introduce children to my crazy Ralph-flavored home and studio decor, and I talk about being the quiet kid in the back of the class who never raised her hand. I explain what’s it’s like to be in last place out of four siblings and on top of that have an identical twin who’s better at everything.


I always hope there are young underachievers sitting in the audience who are encouraged by my presentation. I like to tell children how important it is to learn to communicate clearly as speakers and writers, whatever their interests.

And I display paintings of famous artist that have influenced my work. I explain my unique use of black line, bright colors and patterns and go on to make clear what exactly an art style is.


Art history favorites with Rotten Ralph!  An inside look at how Rotten Ralph has morphed over the  years – and his current fascination with the great artists.  Rotten Ralph as you have not ever seen him (or his art) before.


A Rotten Ralph book is read out loud and I walk through my audience getting ideas for a new Ralph story. The children give me art direction as I draw their wild and funny ideas on a large sheet of paper using markers.


My program ends with a question and answer session and then a trademark good-bye Rotten Ralph “Meow!