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FLASH NEWS!!!  Check out this video from the Haggard Library in Plano Texas on their installation of the Rotten Ralph Art Show.  Fantastic!


Free Traveling Rotten Ralph Art Show Available to Any Library in the U.S.

and Free Rotten Ralph Printable Birthday Kit


I've combined my love of libraries and Rotten Ralph and created an ART SHOW.  This FREE show tours public and school libraries and is designed to introduce young people to Rotten Ralph and art history favorites, and have a Rotten Ralph birthday party.


Libraries can write me at to host the art show.  Libraries are responsible for the cost of shipping the art show safely to the next library, and must have a lockable display case.  Shipping is less that $20 each way.


To create the exhibit, I've gathered original water colors of Rotten Ralph, the Ralph doll, rare black and white photographs of Jack Gantos and myself presenting Ralph to schools dressed as Ralph and Sarah, and other fabulous finds.


Best wishes, Nicole Rubel

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You can fine more information about my ART show here, and DOWNLOAD items for children's projects.