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Nicole Rubel is an Author/illustrator known for her uniquely colorful illustrations and charming stories. She has over 60 books to her credit and is the co-creator of the popular Rotten Ralph series.


Raised in Coral Gables Florida, Ms. Rubel Received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Boston Museum School in association with Tufts University. Ms. Rubel’s debut book, "Rotten Ralph", earned her the children’s book Showcase Award for Outstanding Graphic Design. She has since received awards from The American Book Association, The American Institute of Graphic Arts and American Booksellers.


Ms. Rubel’s books It Came from the Swamp, Pirate Jupiter and the Moondogs and Goldie have been adapted for CD-ROM by Vtech and IBM. Her Rotten Ralph books were the basis of the animated TV series, which began airing on the Fox Family channel in August 1999.


Ms. Rubel's unique art style was inspired by the paintings of Henri Matisse and the art deco architecture of her hometown of Miami. Her imaginative, poignant and sometimes comical storylines are often derived from growing up with her identical twin sister, Bonnie. As a child she let her sister speak for her. Through the encouragement of an insightful teacher, Ms. Rubel learned to speak and write for herself. Therefore, a significant theme in her stories is finding oneself and learning to express one's feelings and thoughts.


She currently resides with her husband on a farm in Aurora Oregon.  Fang the Corgi dog, their horses Dancer and Steamer, keep them busy with their mischief!